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During the past years I have implemented many Web Applications. The difference between a Web Application and a Web Site is that the second one focuses in presentation while the first one is used to cover for very specific needs. Bellow you can find a list of the web applications I have created.

Year Title & Description Technologies UsedThumbnail
2012 www.eat.gr
Eat.gr is an online portal for food in Greece. It targets both the businesses that have anything to do with food (either being suppliers or sellers), and the end-customers who are looking for someplace to eat. Via co-operation with leaders in the respected sectors, we are able to provide online reservation and online ordering.

Art & Design: Innews S.A. and Manolis Galanopoulos
DHTML, jQuery, Kman Framework, PHP5, MySQL5, SOAP
2012 www.erp2web.net
ERP2WEB is an easy to integrate system that will synchronize information/data between a back office application and a webshop. The main application is written in C#.NET while the Web Services are written in PHP5. I am in charge of maintaining an operational set of web-services (SOAP) that successfully import products/categories and other standalone entities to any webshop (Virtuemart, drupalCommerce, UberCart), while at the same time being able to retrieve information about orders and customers.

The C#.NET application is developed by Proforon S.A. and is responsible for the communication with ANY back office application. At the moment of writing the ERP2WEB has successfully communicated with SingularLogic Enterprise (SEn), SingularLogic Control, Galaxy ERP and Altec Atlantis ERP.
DHTML, jQuery, Kman Framework, PHP5, MySQL5

Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5, Virtuemart 1.X, Virtuemart 2.X
2012 www.finnews.gr
NewsFinancials is a flexible and easy to use internet tool which offers a great variety of business and financial information. The system uses Innews S.A. back office system for storage and OCR of various financial records, then these are passed through a Delphi 2012 application written by me to help operators extract the information and record it in an extensive database. Finally, the website is used as a front-end application to allow users to interact with these data.

Art Design: InNews.gr
Delphi 2012,
DHTML, jQuery, Kman Framework, PHP5, MySQL5
2011 www.adbank.gr
This application delivers the various TV/Radio commercial spots or printed commercial on a daily basis to various subscribed users.Based on the database design developed by InNews S.A. I created the website front end of the service.

Art Design: InNews.gr
DHTML, jQuery, Kman Framework, PHP5, MySQL5
2011 insales.innews.gr
This application acts as a mini-CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). It keeps records of all the customers' contact information for InNews S.A. Moreover it keeps track of sales offers and transactions. It is integrated with the company's backoffice (SingularLogic Enterprise - SEn) to generate Sales Documents.

The whole project is based on a framework I have created throughout the years. It comes with a fully operational newsletter engine.

Art Design: InNews.gr
DHTML, jQuery, Kman Framework, MySQL5
2004 wkf-registration.net
From this site WKF could administrate the registration of athletes and officials to the various tournaments held around the world. This website was part of a huge application that took about 2.5 years to be completed. The application used MySQL5 as a database and had a Delphi7 client for local administration of a tournament, along with an online component.

The application keeps detailed records of all games in tournaments held by the World Karate Federation (WKF). The information gathered inlucdes (but is not limited to) competitor performance, medical information, judges/referees credentials, coaches and officials' credentials and it creates the final treasurer invoices.

Via a custom written synchronization procedure, the website is updated almost real-time during a tournament, displaying all results online for the journalist to have easy access to.

Art Design: Manos Nanos
Joomla 1.5

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