Career Highlights

Skills: AJAX, CSS, jQuery, PHP5, MySQL5, Facebook API, Paypal API, Fortumo API, Game Design, Project Management, Budgeting
Period: 2008 until today

My dream was always to create a "computer game". This was the main reason I became a programmer. It took me about 4-5 years of professional experience to gather the programming skills required to produce the game I wanted. I had to master database design and optimization to support a large number of records and complex data mining, along with expert OOP skills.

In the end, I designed and implemented a browser-based game development platform capable of producing online massive player strategy games with a very specific set of characteristics. Some of these are listed bellow:

  • Resource Management: Construct Facilities in more than one colonies to produce materials/units/items
  • Missions: Complete chained or daily missions to unlock parts of the game
  • Technology Research: Research new technologies to unlock more facilities/units and items
  • Lore/Scenario: Unlock chapters of an underlying scenario by fulfilling specific goals
  • Achievements: Gain achievements and special ranks by fulfilling specific goals
  • Dungeon Raids
  • PvP Battles

The first game created using the aforementioned platform was Universe Online. The game graphics were outsourced and privately funded. The design and implementation of all source code is done by me. The gameplay, features, lore, missions, player experience etc, was split between myself and my best friend, with a lot of input from our players (through the forum) and my brother (who is in charge of customer/forum support and beta testing). Important game highlights:

  • v1.0 Beta launch: September 2008
  • v3.0 Beta: April 2012
  • It was listed as one of the Top 10 Games in Gaming Forum 2012
  • v4.0 Facebook Launch: August 2012. We changed the User Interface in attempt to "streamline" it with current market trends.
  • Attracted the interest of 6waves on April 2013. Unfortunately after a trial period it became clear that our target group and 6waves player's were not compatible.
  • On July 2013 we started advertising and promoting our game on our own. Devising our own strategies, and using Facebook Ads for their implementation. That started a new era for the game.
  • v5.0, November 2013. We changed the UI to a new responsive layout, added a Chat Engine based on node.js and, implemented a new "Pet & Equipment" expansion.

Skills: CSS, jQuery, PHP5, MySQL5, Joomla 1.5, Virtuemart 1, SOAP Web Services, SEO
Period: 11/2011 until today

This is the official website of one of the biggest bookstores in Greece. The project was especially challenging due to the high volume of traffic and the enormous size of the site. To address these issues, the core Joomla code had to be customized, along with the core functionality of Virtuemart. Many custom components and modules were designed and implemented to address the client's needs.

The following are statistics from the first year of operation:

  • More than 40.000 registered users
  • More than 6.000.000 pageviews per month
  • More than 200.000 products in the webshop
  • More than 500.000 pages in total
  • Highest ranking website for books in Greece (Alexa rankings)

The website was the first success story of the ERP2WEB connector.It was used to synchronize the client's back-office application (SingularLogic Enterprise) and the online Joomla+Virtuemart webshop. The connector synchronizes/uploads product information (prices, photos, metadata, etc) and order statuses while it downloads customer information and purchases' data.

Last but not least, I created a highly customized and optimized search engine infrastructure to support searches using various language specific rules.

Skills: PHP5, MySQL5, Joomla 1.5 & 2.5, Virtuemart 1 & 2, SOAP Web Services
Period: 2011 until today

In 2011, I realised that there was a need for an automated tool/process that could synchronize the back office application of a store with it's online webshop. Specifically, product information and order information (including customer data) needed to be kept up to date.

Since most solutions were custom or backoffice depended or webshop depended, I designed a utility that could be extended to support ANY back office application and ANY online webshop. In co-operation with Proforon S.A. we created such an application using C#.NET for the main binary application and PHP5 SOAP Webservices for the webshop integration. I was responsible for analysis of the project and the implementation of the webshop integration services.

Some of our success stories include the following:

We are currently in the process of integrating the application with Magento and Altec xLine ERP.

Skills: Delphi7, PHP5, MySQL5, Joomla 1.5, SOAP Web Services, Wise Installation
Period: 2004 until today

The scope of the project was to computerize the entire championship managing process. This included:

  • Competitor and Official registration
  • Tournament category managing (age/sex limits, type of games, dates, etc)
  • Tournament draw system (support for multiple/different draws depending on the type of each tournament)
  • Tatami Manager (special app used by judges and referees to display the game's progress on various boards around the stadium)
  • Support both Offline and Online usage
  • Reporting / Competitor Ranking / Coach-Referee Examinations and Licenses

The main offline application (WKFManager) was created using Delphi7 and MySQL. In order to show the results of each game online and to support online preregistration, I created a website using PHP5 and MySQL. The "WKFManager" application supports the following:

  • Auto self-updates (Based on a custom written versioning system, it could auto update itself and the database schema)
  • Online synchronization of data with the website (send the results of draws, games, finals, repechage etc, receive athlete data and registration info, entirely CUSTOM process optimized for big data volumes)
  • Support for multiple client installations that could run at the same time

The installation was done using the Wise Installation System 9, and the communication between the client and the website is done via the use of Soap WebServices

Skills: Delphi7, jQuery, PHP5, MySQL5, SOAP Web Services, Wise Installation System, Project Management
Period: 2006 - 2010

During my 11 years as an employee, I started as a member of the Research & Development (R&D) Department and ended up managing my own department called Internet Applications and Infrastructure Development (IID). Some of the projects I designed and developed throughout the years are the following:

  • Online Activation System: Singularlogic always supported the annual activation of its applications through a call center service. At some point that proved in-efficient and extremely costly. I decided to spend my free time in the design and implementation of an online process. When presented to the board it was immediately activated and saved hundreds of thousands of euros from the annual budget
  • Online Distribution System: Until 2008, the main distribution channel for the new application versions was regular post! At that point, I designed and implemented SLUC (SingularLogic Update Center), which was a binary client that, with the support of an online versioning system, could inform the customers about the release of the new versions and allow them to download them with one click! The distribution of the versions was done through Akamai Servers
  • In 2009 I redesigned the corporate website and expanded its use from a mere company presentation to a full blown partner communication channel. The website integrated with Siebel CRM to get information about the active licenses each partner had, allowing the display of customer specific information.

Contact Info

  • Konstantinos Manos
  • Thessalonikis 13,
  • Greece, Piraeus, 18545
  • Tel: (+30) 6977 466405
  • Email: konstantinos at
  • Γ.Ε.Μ.Η.: 056333409000

Signature Quote

"Life armoured me with Serenity to accept things I can not change,
Courage to change things I can,
and Wisdom to know the difference"