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Universe Online

I always wanted to become a programer, having as a goal to create my own Computer Game! Soon it became clear that the creation of such a game requires more than just programming skills. You need specialized Graphic Designers, you need extended technical skills and of course a way to market and distribute your game. Programming skills, I can manage ;) , it took me about 2 years to find the right guy for the graphics, and it took far more for internet to reach a point where marketing and distribution was far easier than before.

So, after a 3 year development project, at the end of 2009, I managed to create a Web Based Engine for Online Games, and it's first game is:

Universe Online is a Massive Player Browser Based Space Strategy Online Game. It is written in PHP5 with MySQL5 as a database. The main technologies used are DHTML and AJAX. It starts as a resource management game, then it goes into space battle strategy game. Players are asked to face each other, along with NPC races that are handled by the engine itself!

Special Features supported by the engine include:

  • Dynamin Definition of Produced Materials, Buildings, Units, Items and Ranks
  • Robust Quest Definition Engine. You can define for each quest a set of rules that are used to unlock it for each player, checkpoints and objectives. The engine supports different types of quests like "Global", "Seasonal" and "Dailies".
  • A Political game of Influences
  • Special Dungeon Raids. Fully customized on their content (enemies and loots), along with graphics and texts
  • Game Lore engine. Write the story of the game as a "book" and unlock each chapter when specific conditions are met!
  • Dynamic definition of dependencies. Choose which technology unlock which item or building or unit. What level of a building is required to produce what type of resource and more...
  • All different types of game supported: PvP, PvE, GvG!
  • Multilingual Support

Screenshot 1 Lore Political Battles Space Exploration
Game Lore Videos

Call of Gods

Call of Gods is a Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy game. I was hired by Blue Viper Games to create the infrastructure to host the said game. The game was developed in Flash and it was completely handled by the development company. We had to create all the "external" functions to host the game. This included the design and development of all the following systems:

  • Official Website: This is the Greek Official website of the game. Complete with screenshots and description of the game, registration process and game server selection. This also included a custom set of Landing Pages (defined from inside the administration panel), tracking codes for various affiliate networks (Forestview, ClickBanner, LinkWise, Google etc), Facebook Graph friendly pages.
  • Support Ticketing System: The osTicket open source platform was used as a base for the ticketing system. The platform was heavily modified for both graphical and functional enhancements.
  • Official Forum: The vBulletin platform was used. The platform was modified with a custom skin and some extra plugins to help with mobile interaction.
  • Online Shop: A custom written webshop was implemented to allow players to purchase gold for their game. The web shop was integrated with all the different transaction mechanisms (Credit Card via Bank Transaction, Paypal, Paysafe, SMS via Amaze, Drop Line via Amaze)
  • Administration Panel: From the custom written administration panel, you can create new products for the shop, add new game servers, administer user registrations and have access to a big set of utilities and reports that help you track the game's monetization and retention, users' multiple accounting, or even perform affiliate registration quality control.

Contact Info

  • Konstantinos Manos
  • Thessalonikis 13,
  • Greece, Piraeus, 18545
  • Tel: (+30) 6977 466405
  • Email: konstantinos at
  • Γ.Ε.Μ.Η.: 056333409000

Signature Quote

"Life armoured me with Serenity to accept things I can not change,
Courage to change things I can,
and Wisdom to know the difference"