I do have several hobbies but not all of them are worth mentioning or have any "digital" form. So I will stick to the ones that I like most and the ones that do have a "digital" form inside the Internet. The reason behind this "filtering" is that I do not wish to maintain any parts in this section of my site that need daily updates, so I will redirect you to the official sites of the companies that correspond to each of my hobbies and hopefully you will find all the information you need. Thus...

Tabletops, RPGs and Live RPGs

First of all I am a strategy game fun! And although I started playing this kind of games in my computer, I quickly found out about the source of them! At some point, I discovered the table top Role Playing Adventure games and from that moment and on, I delved inside the world of fantasy RP games.

Wizards of The Coast The company behind these games is Wizards of the Coast, and it is responsible for the release and maintenance of the Core Rule Books of the game. I strongly recomend a visit to the official site, it is a great portal to the world of fantasy games...

I, myself, have played characters inside many differend worlds of the ADnD Adventures, but the one I liked most was (and still is) the Scourged World of Athas (DARKSUN). The product has been discontinued by the company but a great team has took on the job of reverting and maintaining the world up to date. This community can be found in the Official Site of the Burnt World Of Athas.

Burnt World Of Athas

Lately I have discovered the "Live" Action Role Playing Games (LARP), and in particular the "Athens By Night" live adventure, held up in ΕΣΠΑΙΡΟΣ. LARP is a game in which the players assume the role of various personalities and act their roles in some sort of free-form theater. Unfortunately I can not give you any links for games played all around the world, just for this one which is played in Athens.


Music: Guitar, Dancing, Singing

Another love of my life is music. I play guitar and accordeon and I focus my hearing in Greek Music. There are several "musical" sites all around the web, but below you can find links to the ones I like most:

Kithara.gr Angel DanceSport Academy In Music Corner you may find almost anything concerning the Greek Music (Pop, Rock, Traditional etc). You can find interviews and CVs of famous artists, list of all the scheduled concerts, album reviews, and many many more. It is also very good site to search, if you are on the task of planning your Saturday night and you feel like hearing music...

If you are looking for lyrics and tablatures take a look at Kithara.gr. It used to have one of the greatest collections of tablatures along with full lyrics but it seems that legal reasons enforced them to display only a small part of the lyrics of each song. Anyway it is still a great source of musical themes and you can find many songs that do not fall into the "restricted" category

I also love dancing! I have taken lessons in Latin and Argentine Tango, and have performed a couple of times to various shows my dancing school organized.

Computer Games

Do you happen to be one of the "old guys", who used to play great Adventures like Space Quest, Larry, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Quest For Glory, Legend Of Kyrandia, Under a Killing Moon, Conquest of the Longbow, Conquest of Camelot, Loom etc, etc etc??? Do you also try to find these games so as to play them again or ta have them in your own collection? Then these are the two sites you MUST visit...

Game Bird In GameBird you will find a great collection of old games (abandonware). This site is constantly updated with new stuff. If you can not find a game then this is the site to search in for...

One other thing you may need is a virtual driver for your sound card! Since the interface used by the old games to communicate with the sound card has changed, with the new sound cards having an incompatible newer one, you need a virtual driver to do the translation for you. You can find such a driver in the sourceforge.net under the name VDMSound. The driver has also an official site which can be found at http://ntvdm.cjb.net/.

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